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Welcome to 4CollegeWomen. This website is a user-friendly, single point of access to health information for college-age women across the country. While some health internet sites exist for teens and women, this one addresses your unique needs as a college woman. What also makes this site so special is that it was created for college students by college students.

Today there are over 7 million women in college, like you, who are designing and building the framework for their future lives. While this is a period of tremendous growth with many exciting opportunities ahead, you will be challenged to maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthen your self-esteem, address personal safety issues, and prevent illness in the years ahead. That's why this website focuses specifically on your unique concerns as a college-age woman. During this dynamic transitional period into adulthood, you will be faced with choices about behaviors that will influence your health today and for the rest of your life, such as smoking, nutrition, alcohol and drug use, exercise, and sexual activity. Additionally, some women your age may experience self-esteem and body image problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, and mental illness, but don't know the symptoms or where to turn for help.

That's what this website is all about---providing you with free access to thousands of helpful, reliable resources about a broad range of health issues of concern to you today and tomorrow. Also, this site provides a 4MyHealth section where you can keep your favorite health bookmarks. Additionally, the site provides current women's health news and a listing of health career opportunities. Remember, though, the resources provided are for informational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for advice from a health care professional.

Knowledge is power when it comes to your health. Be a savvy women's health consumer and use this website to build a healthier future for you, your friends, and your college campus!

Dr. Susan J. Blumenthal
Visiting Professor of Women's Studies, Brandeis University

This website is an information resource center and does not provide medical advice.
Information from website should not be a substitute
for medical advice from a health care professional.