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Health Internships

There are many resources you can use to find an internship in the Health and Medical fields.

  • One good way is to check out your college's career office. Most of them will have a listing online or they will be able to direct you to books that can help with your search.
  • Another good method is to become a member on public job search tools online, such as, and These sites allow you to specify the type of internship, and they often have huge lists.

Below are a few organizations that offer lists of internships or sponsor internship programs themselves. You could also try asking in your local Department of Health office for programs in your area.

A database of resources that can help support minority health projects and other health related programs. This database lists all sorts of organizations including: private and public foundations; pharmaceutical and insurance organizations; journal articles, directories, books; fellowships, scholarships and internships; and federal state and community resources.

Internships Resources from Specific Organizations
HHS Employment Opportunities for Students
There are both paid and student volunteer opportunities with the Department of Health and Human Services. To be eligible, you must be enrolled at least half time.
The National Institutes of Health
The NIH offers resources for students to find internships and information.
The HHS Office of Minority Health Resource Center
Internship Opportunities.
Career Services and Placement
Part of the Career Services Network.
The American Public Health Association
International Health and other types of internships.
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
This is a listing of possible public health and preventive medicine internship sites.
World Health Organization
The place to look if you're interested in finding an internship in international health. This site is not as straight forward as some so you'll have to spend a little more time figuring out where in WHO you want to apply to intern. However, the effort may be worth it if you manage to snag one of these coveted positions. Follow the "internships" link.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Internships
This is an internship for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the Northeast Regional Testing Laboratory on York College of CUNY Campus located in Jamaica, NY.
Government Relations Internship
The American Public Health Association offers internships to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates. The APHA is a non-partisan, non-profit, professional membership association.
District of Columbia Student Internship Program
The Student Internship Progam offers an internship in the Department of Health.
The Aids Foundation of Chicago is seeking a Program Research Intern.
National Women's Health Network Internships
Recently interns have researched AIDS, reproductive rights, breast cancer, environmental health, older women's health, new contraceptives, and the role of the Internet in women's health education and organizing. Becoming a National Women's Health Network intern allows you to develop health research skills while exploring the worlds of public policy, health education and feminist organizing. Past interns tell us that the exposure and skills they gained at the Network changed their lives.
Our Bodies Ourselves Intership
Inspiring a Movement of Women's Health Around the World.
Association of Schools of Public Health
Internships & Fellowship Programs: ASPH/CDC/ATSDR Internship.
Summer Jobs and Internships
You can use summer jobs, internships, and other work in Ithaca, at Cornell, or beyond, externships and other experiential programs, as well as volunteering, research, and teaching assistantships to explore and nurture your interest in the health professions.
CIT Student Summer and Internship Employment Opportunities
The Center for Information Technology (CIT), the main computing center of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is seeking highly motivated and talented students for internships and summer employment. Positions are part time with flexible hours and can be full time during the summer.
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